1372 Cape St. Claire Road Annapolis, MD 21409

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Located in the heart of Cape St. Claire, Blue Rooster Café is where locals eat, people meet, and customer service is priority number one.



  • New Orleans is clearly an influence of Chef Dave Pow, curator and chef-owner of this cool little joint in the Cape St. Claire strip mall. You can feel the NOLA groove in the small pumpkin-colored dining room hung with funky art and in the music, where blues, R’n’B and soul softly pours out of the speakers like smooth, aged bourbon.

    Janice Gary, Capital Gazette

  • My favorite neighborhood restaurant! Delicious food at reasonable prices and a super friendly staff.

    Tiffany, Facebook.com

  • The gumbo was spectacular – spicy, filled with crab, sausage and Okra and about the best I have had outside Louisiana. On the wall were some drawings of Nola and I was feeling nostalgic….It’s super casual with an ambitious and successful kitchen. It’s craft food to go with artisanal beer. I loved it.

    Fayjacobsrb, Trip Advisor Contributor